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  • Why should I put my Podcast on Melanin Network?
    Melanin Network is Africa’s number one steaming platform with offline capabilities on its app, which will do well, even in countries with limited internet connectivity. It is the fastest growing African born and led platform, with a vision to integrate multiple content types into one end-to-end seamless platform. For content creators, enabling your content to be distributed on Afkloud, helps you to grow your audience by reaching these new audiences, many of whom will be also new to the world of developing and downloading on-demand content, including Podcasts/Podcasting. ​
  • Does Melanin Network rehost my content?
    No, we will stream directly from your hosting provider so all your metrics will be unaffected and if you are running advertising through a dynamic ad insertion system, things will work the same as on other Podcasting services.
  • When and where are Podcasts launching on Melanin Network?
    Our Melanin Network app is already available for iOS and android devices [Click to download here iOS and Android]. We have plans for a re-launch campaign in the near future. Stay tuned for more information. This is submission approach is to support our global distribution agreement, so we may be able to distribute your content everywhere Afkloud is available. Email CV to If we like your CV, we shall ask you to send in a 2 minute recording of a story or interview to gauge your creativity.
  • How will I know when my Podcast is available on Melanin Network?
    If you submit your Podcast now it is likely that it will be included within 72 hours. We will send you an email once it goes live. You can reach back out to us, if after the initial timeframe your Podcast is not availableon Afkloud or if you did not receive an email.
  • I have more questions about my Podcast and Melanin Network. Who can I contact for support?
    For questions about your Podcast on Melanin Network, you can email as a Podcast owner/host. We try to respond to all requests within 72 hours.
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