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What is Melanin network

Melanin Network is Africa's number one content streaming platform, specializing in podcasts, with an emerging listing of music and other visual content, available to our listeners and soon-to-be viewers.

Our goal is to shine a celebratory spotlight on content by and from Black and African content creators, and to share them with other Africans on the continent, Black people in the diaspora and to the rest of the world! 


Listen, watch, pause, playback and share the content available on our platform for FREE!

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are recorded audio content. It's just like radio, but its recorded so you can listen to it at your own convenience, from anywhere in the world. It's also a very easy medium to share information, dialogues and conversations you’ve listened to, with your family and friends.

Where do you record these podcasts?

Globally Local and Locally Global. We invite experienced and new creators alike, from all over the continent of Africa, the diaspora and beyond, to share their messages and experiences with the world and vice versa.


Our platform also allows us to create, edit and/or produce content on behalf of interested content developers, from the streets of Kampala, Lagos, Cape Town, Cairo, Accra and all over the Skyscrapers of New York and to the Temple City of Japan…from all over the world and as local as the couch in your room.


If Interested, send us an email at Team@ and let’s talk.

How do I join the conversation?

Click the Sign-up button, create a profile and then follow us on all our social media platforms @afkloud (see links below)

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